Industrial Rehabilitation

Industrial Rehabilitation Fort Wayne IN

Summit Physical Therapy recognizes the special rehabilitation needs of the injured worker. We have a keen understanding of returning the injured worker to his/her full functional ability and we educate the patient about methods to reduce the risk of future injury. This is especially critical when dealing with repetitive motion and/or cumulative trauma clients.

Industrial Education
On-site programs are available to improve the employee’s awareness of hazardous working postures, symptom control, and injury prevention. Techniques include:

Ergonomic Job Analysis

Functional Capacity Evaluations
Specially trained clinicians perform a comprehensive, computerized test to determine an individual’s ability to perform physical work. An objective, detailed report includes information regarding the worker’s functional abilities to determine return-to-work potential.

Post Offer Employee Evaluations
Job-specific functional testing is performed to determine whether an individual has the physical capability to perform essential job requirements. Test results are compared with the functions of the job to prevent job-worker mismatches, thereby preventing injuries. Testing complies with the American Disabilities Act (ADA).

Work Conditioning
Working conditioning is a transitional program for injured workers who are unable to return to full duty employment following an injury, which can be coordinated with light duty work. Treatment goals include:

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