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I was old and had arrived at a stage in my life when my health had declined to a point where I was no longer able to walk unassisted or even get out of a chair without help. I obtained consults with many physicians, including specialists but was not offered any usable help. Fortunately, a friend recommended Summit Physical Therapy to me and so I went. Two months into my therapy I am now pushing and pulling sleds, lifting weights and actually doing half squats (remember, I couldn't even get out of my chair by myself.) I have not felt this good and confident in many years. Not even my family can believe the improvements.

I would recommend Summit Physical Therapy to anybody. People really know their stuff and most of all they care!

- David E.

Andreas and the staff at Summit Physical Therapy did a great job of treating not only my symptoms but also teaching me good posture and proper lifting techniques that will help me remain pain free in the future. Thank you for all of your help.

- Jon. T

I have had a 30-year history of back problems and Andreas is actually helping me fix the problem for long-term health instead of just making it feel better temporarily. I highly recommend him to anyone with back issues. Andrea understands the physiology of the body better than anyone I have worked with.

- Susan B.

Thanks to Summit Physical Therapy I now know what exercises to do to keep my knee strong and am no longer in any pain and I have started climbing stairs again. Coming to Summit was the best thing I could have done for my knee.

- Gabriela K.

I knew from the moment I arrived at Summit Physical Therapy that I was in good hands. I appreciate the friendly and reassuring personal attention, starting with the person who scheduled my first appointment and ending with the hands-on contact in the treatment area. Response to treatment was almost immediate, especially in the case of my back. While the problem with my torn rotator cuff has taken longer to resolve, I am very pleased that my pain and impingement issues have been lessened considerably, a dramatic improvement over not being able to sleep or accomplishing simple tasks like buckling the car seatbelt. I certainly hope that other patients will continue to avail themselves of your professional services.

- William K.